Aerial Fireworks

Our display shells range from 2 diameter to 12 diameters, with wide array of patterns and colors. Practically, most spectacular shows along the Chao Phraya River, where international five star hotels located,
could not contain the sizes of display shells beyond 8 diameters.

To enhance beauties of fireworks shows in multi-dimensional effects, ground level fireworks extravaganzas in the forms of lance letters, logo, spinning wheels, waterfalls, and 1- 2 shells of approximately 60 meter heights have been added up into each composition to make the shows more glamorous and enchanting.

The bigger diameters of shells will naturally produce larger air openings of the display shells airborne, as well as louder exploding sound vibrations from more lift-charge gun powder inside the bombs or shells.

+ Capacity of Display Shells +

The vicinity of shooting location in relation to the width of air openings from select display patterns and their fall out zones will become constraints governing the striking degree of spectacular fireworks shows.